The purpose of this search engine is to create a streamlined data base that will track substance related court citations and proceedings in Watauga County. It is funded through Watauga Substance Abuse Prevention (WSAP), a multi-sectored collaborative with the primary goal of increasing formal community collaboration in order to reduce youth substance use and abuse.  

The data collections for this search engine began in January 2013. However, some current cases are still being continued from as far back as 2007.

The primary impetus for creating was to aggregate local data in order to prove or dispel community perceptions about how substance related citations are disposed of in Watauga County. A formal needs assessment completed in 2011, included a study by the Preventing Alcohol Related Crashes (PARC) NC Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant project. The results of this study indicated that many DWI cases in Watauga County were continued an unreasonable amount of times as compared to similar counties in NC.  Thus, reducing the perception of consequences related to drinking and driving, and perhaps contributing to the high rate of alcohol related crashes.

Additionally, one on one interviews indicated that there may also be a barrier to effective consequences for underage drinking, as numerous subjects reported that their citations were dismissed before going to court and/or were easily deferred or continued.